List of Selected Operational Excellence Buzzwords

Operational Excellence and Six Sigma Dictionary

Here is what we came up with regarding our list of Operational Excellence buzzwords. Please feel free to suggest a term in the comments section. We\’ll try to get it up right away. Thanks.



A systematic, independent examination and review to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned activities and whether the activities are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the objectives. Audits also serve to ensure that employees have received adequate training to perform their tasks and that they have an understanding of the processes that drive their efforts.

Best Practice

A superior method or innovative practice that contributes to improved performance.


The process of finding and adapting best practices to improve organizational performance.


An idea-generating technique that uses group interaction to generate many ideas quickly. Ideas are solicited in a non-judgmental, unrestricted manner from all members of a group. Participation from everyone is key.

Business Value Added

Term used to designate a process step that the business requires to stay in business.


An established reason for the existence of a defect or a problem.


An upper level business leader who facilitates the leadership, implementation, and deployment of the process quality initiative and breakthrough philosophies.

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