Operational Excellence Examples in Action

Not spending $1000 on a $100 problem, paying invoices on time, delivering products at the deadline, keeping project costs on budget, coming to work on time, not calling in sick, are not examples of Operational […]


Operational Excellence in a Nutshell

What is Operational Excellence? Operational Excellence is about understanding what you do, how you do it, your purpose, and the value you bring as a stakeholder to your organization. We’ve summarized the three key points […]


Why You Should Avoid Six Sigma

Why You Should Avoid Six Sigma – R.I.P. Six Sigma – Six Sigma is Dead For only a sparse number of times have I seen industries come and go.  Companies that had adopted a quality […]

Process Management

Supplier Evaluation Template for Microsoft Word

Our latest Supplier Evaluation template for Microsoft word is designed to facilitate your supplier evaluation report to your supervisor.  As in any vendor evaluation process a robust template is needed to ensure a fair supplier […]