Pugh Matrix Template – Excel Download

Screen Shot 2019 06 20 at 6.14.09 AM
Screen Shot 2019 06 20 at 6.14.09 AM

The Pugh Matrix

One of the most powerful and effective tools for selecting the best tool or product to purchase is the Pugh Selection Matrix. The Pugh Matrix helps establish the criteria that are important to you and your team. Purchase decisions don’t have to be based on the cheapest solution nor do you have to adapt your processes and business to a tool that’s just not cut out for you. Use the Pugh Matrix to purchase the right tool or product that will help your company succeed more quickly and without that frustration that comes from when non-users of the tool select the tool.

Six Sigma Pugh Matrix for Microsoft Excel


  1. I actually wonder precisely why you branded this specific article, “Pugh
    Matrix Template for Microsoft Excel”. In any
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