How a Six Sigma Approach for Improved Cybersecurity Can Work

Using a Six Sigma Approach for Heightened Cybersecurity Lately, cybersecurity has been at the forefront of many blogs and forums around cybersecurity.  From spear-phishing email attacks at the White House to national cyber-attacks, frequently blamed on China, North Korea, and Russia. Fortunately, many organizations have recognized this and are now putting dedicated cyber security teams […]

Six Sigma Quality Function Deployment – House of Quality

Quality Function Deployment – House of Quality – Excel Download Great Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) techniques and the houses of quality to drive product requirements from Customers’ critical to satisfaction (CTS) to the engineering designers critical Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA). What is Quality Function Deployment?   QFD is […]

Six Sigma Design Concepts Matrix Tool – Excel Download

Six Sigma Design Concepts Before we talk about Six Sigma design concepts, here\’s the latest update.  I\’ve been asked lately about how to download the files.  At the bottom of every post, there should be a blue link, just click it and download from there.   Six Sigma Design Concepts Matrix The Six Sigma Design […]

Six Sigma Morphological Matrix – Excel Download

Six Sigma Morphological Matrix Get your features locked and avoid feature creep with this template. Break down the category features (by color) then drill down specific features. Columns A, B, C, D can be changed to serve your purpose.  The morphological matrix is a simple tool where the team (not just you, the lone wolf) […]

Six Sigma Audit Checklist – Excel Download

Six Sigma Audit Checklist Six Sigma is about data.  Nothing new about that.  One of the challenges I always come across is when I come across bad data.  Many people think that collecting data for a rainy day is a good thing.  Then they bring out their data, which often is meaningless and incorrect. I […]

Six Sigma Cause and Effect Matrix – Microsoft Excel Download

Six Sigma Cause and Effect Matrix I have not found a better Cause and Effect matrix than this one. Complete the C&E Matrix prior to proceeding to the FMEA process at the Analyze phase of any DMAIC project.  The Six Sigma Cause and Effect matrix must be used as a high level process mapping right […]

DFA DFM Analysis Worksheet – Excel Download

Six Sigma DFA DFM Analysis Please download the DFA DFM Analysis worksheet (Design For Assembly/Design for Manufacturing) worksheet before going to production with any new prototype. The purpose is to get the design team and manufacturing teams in synch and look for opportunities to simply the product and assembly process.  This is a powerful tool […]

Six Sigma DPMO Table – Look Up Any Sigma Level – Excel Download

Six Sigma DPMO Table Folks, forget about opening a new excel worksheet to calculate your yields or DPMO.  Defects Per Million Opportunities are so much better to appreciate when you can look them up almost instantly.  Look up your DPMO instantly with this nifty Six Sigma DPMO table, showing you short-term drift and long-term drift […]

Quality Function Deployment QFD Examples – Excel Download

Folks, we published the Quality Function Deployment some time ago.  Please find attached two Quality Function Deployment (QFD) examples for a car and a pen. What is Quality Function Deployment? QFD is a process for focusing the entire new product development team on the customer wants and needs throughout all stages of the New Product […]

Six Sigma Regression Sum – Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) – Excel Download

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA If you don\’t have minitab, no problem. Microsoft Excel does provide powerful statistical analysis. Try this tool to get a simple regression sum ANOVA.  While it\’s not as complete as what you would find in Minitab, you would be surprised by this complex Excel tool. This Excel template is […]