Attribute SPC Excel Template Available for Download

Attribute SPC

For anyone who is looking for a a great Attribute SPC Excel Template look no further.  Dean Christolear at has many outstanding templates that he gave permission to to publish.

From, here is the description of the Attribute SPC Excel Template:

This spreadsheet will create one of four attribute spc control charts; U Chart, P Chart, nP Chart and C Chart.  Varying sample sizes are automatically detected and accounted for.  Simply click the radio button to identify your data as defects or defectives.  The appropriate chart is automatically displayed.  If you have ever struggled with what attribute chart to use you should download this template.

Additional features include:

  • Create one of four attribute control charts; U Chart, P Chart, nP Chart and C Chart.  
  • Constant and varying sample sizes are automatically detected.  
  • 200 data points can be evaluated.  
  • All 4 Western Electric rules for identifying out of control conditions are performed.  Points that violate one of the rules are shown in color.  
  • All control chart statistics are presented.  
  • If desired, historical control limits can be entered for evaluation of current processes.


Attribute SPC Excel Template Available for Download


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