List of Selected Operational Excellence Buzzwords

Team Member

Individual team members bring a distinct and critical expertise to the project. Their goal is to shorten the product development cycle time through coordinated, multi-functional activities to ensure concurrent development.

Value Added

Any activity or task that transforms the fit, form & function of the deliverables of a process in such a way that the customer is both aware of it, and willing to pay for it.


An instance of change to a process, product, or service that deviates from the norm or standard.  Variation could also indicate that something is a little different from others of the same type or manufacturing run or container shipment.  Statistically, used in reference to how data points are plotted with respect to a target value. Variation is commonly thought of as the measure of spread represented in a data set.  Important to understand variation

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Voice of the Customer (VOC) encompasses comments made by customers that describe how they feel about a company’s products, services and/or transactions. These comments typically have no associated measurable standards. The company’s responsibility is to communicate with its customers to identify these measurable standards, so that requirements can be met. These measurable standards become Customer Specification Limits.


Operational Excellence List of Selected Buzzwords