List of Selected Operational Excellence Buzzwords

Code of Conduct

Expectations of exemplary behavior mutually agreed upon by a team.


The state of meeting and/or exceeding customer requirements and expectations. Exceeding customers’ expectations and requirements, thus over-conforming.


A state where everyone in the group supports an action or decision, even if some of them don\’t fully agree with it.

COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)

Costs associated with non-conforming products or services. What we consider acceptable may be viewed as non-conforming or of poor quality to our customers. Another reminder to always listen to the Voice of the Customer.

Critical Characteristic

A characteristic dependent on the functioning of budget constraints, competitive edge and/or customer satisfaction of the product.

Cross Functional Team

A term used to describe individuals from different organizational units or functions that are part of a team to solve problems, plan, and develop solutions affecting the organization as a system.

An audit can apply to an entire organization or be specific to a function or production step.


The person or group that is the direct beneficiary of a project or service. Internal customers and are also suppliers at specific times in a process. An internal customer can also be a supplier simultaneously to another internal customer.