Operational Excellence

4 Ways to Improve Benchmarking Performance

In every Operational Excellence endeavor, benchmarking performance plays the critical role of indicating whether the continuous improvement activities are successful. Benchmarking is the search for best practices, the ones that will lead to superior performance. […]


Steve Jobs Vision on Quality in 1991

Here is a hair raising interview I found with Steve Jobs, circa 1991 when he was the president of Next Computer. I don’t who the interviewer is but the young Steve Jobs appears to be […]

Process Management

Mistake Proofing Concepts to Reduce Common Errors

We hear people often say that they don’t make mistakes. Mistake proofing is not only about not making mistakes; it’s about mistake-proofing critical processes or decision making activities. In other words, documented procedural safeguards that […]

Operational Excellence

Business Process Management Policies Nobody is Talking About!

It is great that an organization\’s management committee commits to a new Business Process Management (BPM) policy woven into their Operational Excellence directives. However, in conducting due diligence verification, I\’ve come to notice that following […]