September 19, 2017

Steve Jobs Vision on Quality in 1991

Steve Jobs was ahead of the curve with Six Sigma and Quality Assurance

And I think that we’re seeing is the quality leaders of today have integrated that quality technology well beyond their manufacturing, now going well into their sales and marketing and out as far as they can to touch the customer and to try to create super-efficient processes back from the customer all the way through to the delivery of the end products so they can have the most innovative end products; understand the customer needs fastest, etc. etc.

In most companies, if you’re new, and you ask, “Why is it done this way?”  The answer is because that’s the way we do it here. Or because that’s the way it’s always been done.

And in my opinion, the largest contribution of much of this quality thinking is to approach these ways of doing things, these processes, scientifically, where there is a theory behind why we do them.”

There is a description of what we do, but more importantly there is an opportunity to always question what we do.  And this is a radically different approach to business processes than the traditional one, because it’s always done this way.

And that single shift is everything, in my opinion.  Because in that shift is a tremendous optimistic point of view about the people that work in a company.  It says these people are very smart, they’re not pawns, and they’re very smart.  And given the opportunity to change or improve they will.  They will improve the processes, if there’s a mechanism for it.”


What Steve Jobs Knew in 1991 About QA That We’re Still Playing Catch Up On!

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