Convincing Your Manager to Say Yes to Six Sigma Training

3 factor DOE 1030x438
3 factor DOE 1030x438

Convincing Your Manager to Say Yes to Six Sigma Training

Templatestaff Six Sigma Templates & ToolsWhat’s up with all this six sigma training anyways and does it really matter? Ever since Motorola came out with their Six Sigma initiative back in the eighties (now this was innovation was it not?) – the ability to reinvent a company by getting everybody to speak the same language but I digress) and Welch evangelized it, I have been wondering if this Six Sigma thing is not just a flash in the pan.

Now come on now, no other quality management system or methodology or whatever has come close to creating green shoots of spin-off industries.

First of all, let’s clarify the differences between, six sigma training and certification:

  1. Certification requires a rite to passage, much akin to an “initiation” whether this be in the form of an exam or written test, or demonstration of skill such as passing another belt in martial arts, or playing a difficult music piece for a music teacher
  2. Training requires time at being instructed of something, either by someone such as a mentor, or a coach, or why note even a trainer? This can also involve reading of specific materials.

I don’t think any other company is as driven to prove this as the PMI with their PMP. But that’s okay, we don’t want bridges to fall down, oil refineries to dry up, or dams to collapse, albeit a PMP does not replace mechanical or civil engineers, they just passed a lot of exams and have to keep their hours counted.

The ultimate question to becoming certified is whether there is any value to passing an exam – this is not the same as meeting other requirements such as number of completed projects or number of years or hours experience behind that PMP certificate or that Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

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