Convincing Your Manager to Say Yes to Six Sigma Training

Does passing a test make you any smarter? Does it replace or complement years of training or tracked project hours? No. I always compared Six Sigma training certification exams such as the GMAT, Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP as accessories to true knowledge: Experience.

What do you call it anyways: Six Sigma or 6S? or 6 Sigma? Seriously folks. There’s so much about Six Sigma training, online training, I wonder how much is credible.

When you visit the doctor, do you look at his final exam marks? Does it make any difference whether he got a 89% or %94? Would you not go to the doctor if you knew his final mark was 71% (with a minimum pass of 70%)?

Your manager doesn\’t care that you\’ll dent his working budget by several, if not tens of thousands of dollars to be “certified”. Certification in itself brings no value to a company, department, or even a small team unit for that matter. So you better ask right the first time. One trick that works sometimes is to ask something in such a way that the manner you ask doesn\’t position you to get an automatic “no”.

But then again, this also works for almost anything you may ask of him. Ever hear the following, “Hey buddy, the boss is looking at the results so make sure you always over deliver. Your boss also evaluates you on the things you ask of him or the company and this includes training and certification.

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