Six Sigma Project Now Available for Download

Six Sigma Project Reducing Laptop Returns

Six Sigma Project Now Available for Download

We now have a complete DMAIC Six Sigma project available for download. The complete version includes all original files (Excel, PowerPoint, and Minitab worksheet) whereas the “light”, low cost version just includes pdf files. Should you purchase the low cost version and decide


Acme Laptop Company has been manufacturing and selling laptops for nearly a dozen years. They successfully launched two flagship models, the DEVICE, and the GADGET, keeping costs and after-service warranty expenses low and in control.

After launching their third model a little over a year ago, the WIDGET, their quality assurance team quickly summoned help from their in-house Six Sigma Black Belt as they could not figure out why there were so many customer returns in the first year since the product launch. In addition to the customer pain, the company was incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional, unbudgeted expenses.

All design validation and mistake-proofing deviceswere put in place and all the WIDGET laptops met the stringent final QC requirements such as did the previous models but the WIDGET continued to fail early into the warranty coverage period, incurring additional costs for replacement units and freight to get the replacements to the customers.

How did the Six Sigma Black Belta pproach the problem? What findings came about? What permanent corrective solution was put in place?

Ishikawa fishbone diagram

What You Get with this Product

This is a compressed file containing the original PowerPoint, Excel, and Minitab worksheet. If you purchased the pdf version, a credit will be issued for the difference if you decide you would like to upgrade to the complete project documents and files.

Six Sigma Tools Used

  • VOC
  • C&E Matrix
  • FMEA
  • Pareto chart
  • Graphical Data
  • Attribute MSA
  • Hypothesis Test usingBinaryLogisticRegression
  • Binomial ProcessCapability
  • Brainstorming
  • Control Plan
  • Control Chart – P Chart

This is a basic project that can be used for training purposes, especially for Six Sigma Green Belt candidates wishing to become certified.

Purchase the complete version here

Purchase the pdf version here


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