SWOT Analysis Template for Microsoft Excel

Today\’s download features a SWOT analysis template for Microsoft Excel.  The SWOT template is a classic tool used to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your process, your people, and even your products […]


Product Test Report Template in Microsoft Word

  Product Test Report Template Do you need a concise product test report template cover page?  This Microsoft Word template provides just that.  Identify the product under test, the test requirements, documentation references, and of […]


Six Sigma In Out Scope Matrix

Six Sigma In Out Scope Matrix Don\’t let scope creep freak you out. Keep it in control with this simple to use tool that any cross-functional team can complete without arguing for hours on end. […]


Microsoft Excel Ready Lean Manufacturing Assessment

Everybody loves to complete self-assessments but how about a Lean Manufacturing Assessment.  If not for the actual value of scoring your lean manufacturing operations, at least for the fun and pleasure in using automated Excel […]