Value Stream Mapping for Microsoft Excel

Value Stream Mapping analysis is one of the most important of visual process mapping tools used in lean manufacturing.  Though it is not limited to the manufacturing shop floor and is increasingly finding its place in service oriented scenarios, it continues to do a thorough job in highlighting the visual activities in any given process […]

Lean Manufacturing Plan Requirements Template

Lean Manufacturing Plan Requirements Template   This latest Lean Manufacturing Plan Requirements Template is for Microsoft Word.  This is a basic plan for all those small companies trying to kick-start their product assembly activities.  This is really intended for startups that have a product ready for final assembly and integration, and the requirements for selecting an […]

Lean Six Sigma 5S Checklist for Microsoft Excel

Lean Six Sigma 5S Checklist for Microsoft Excel This Lean Six Sigma 5S checklist is ready to use.  Please understand this has nothing to do with the iPhone 5s.  5S is a methodology used in Lean Manufacturing to ensure workplace organization optimization.  The 5S  are Sort, Simplify, Systematic Cleaning, Standardize, Sustain and these are the […]

Software Release Notes Checklist in Microsoft Word

Today\’s update is a simple Microsoft Word file devised as a mistake-proof form for software release notes checklist.  This checklist details everything from firmware version tested, software version tested, masters prepared for production, various regulatory lines, as well whether code reviews have been conducted.  It allows for sign-offs and whether demo versions have been verified […]

Documentation Plan for Microsoft Excel

Documentation Plan Ever start a project, keep it on track to deliver on time, only to discover that days before the launch, you are missing a bunch of user documentation and that you really had no documentation plan?  I know what you are thinking:  My stuff is so easy to use that nobody needs documentation. […]

Six Sigma Score – Another Design Scorecard

Design Scorecard Folks, here is another design scorecard worksheet in Microsoft Excel.  The worksheet available for download has already been completed with new scooter design example taking into consideration the key product features (must be lightweight yet strong, foldable, quiet operation, no grease, etc) to the additional technical specifications (max. weight, overall dimensions, carrying load, motor and […]

Binomial and Poisson Probability Excel Download

Binomial and Poisson Probability Excel template now available.  Be sure to visit more great templates at The Binomial and Poisson spreadsheet allows you to make predictions regarding the number of defective items (or defects) in a sample.  This is a very powerful spreadsheet that makes sampling predictions easy. Features Include:   Both Binomial and Poisson distributions are supported […]

Basic Statistics Excel Template Available for Download

Basic Statistics Excel Template Folks , here is the fourth posting of the repost (with permission from Dean Christolear, of course).  From, here is the description of the Basic Statistics Excel Template. This tool is a great start for college or university students studying statistics, or even for advanced high school students with a […]

Supplier Evaluation Scorecard Download for Microsoft Excel

Supplier Evaluation Scorecard for Professional Use Available in the Shop Folks, a new, more professional, deluxe Supplier Evaluation Scorecard is now available for purchase download in the shop.  Here is the item description: This is a complete 100+ point Microsoft Excel file covering any and all possible supplier performance attributes.  This supplier evaluation form is the result […]

Attribute SPC Excel Template Available for Download

For anyone who is looking for a a great Attribute SPC Excel Template look no further.  Dean Christolear at has many outstanding templates that he gave permission to to publish. From, here is the description of the Attribute SPC Excel Template: This spreadsheet will create one of four attribute spc control charts; […]