Value Stream Map Template for Microsoft Excel

Value Stream Map Template for Microsoft Excel

Since this post appeared more than four years ago, the Value Stream Map continues to be read and the templates continue (there are three templates by the way, see links below) to be downloaded on an almost daily basis. In the past four years, much as happened with regards to the manufacturing sector and the appearance of an increasing amount of contract manufacturers (CMs).

The VSM can be a crucial tool for new start-ups as a way of introducing Lean to its operations, from prototyping, to NPI (New Product Introduction), to MR (Mass Run).

After trying to devise my own VSM, I decided this was too tough of a task for a rainy Sunday morning so I went through my collection of VSM tools and decided to upload as is. I am not sure who the original author of this tool is so if you can point it out and let me know, I will gladly publish it. Otherwise, I take no credit for this value stream mapping template.

Value Stream Map Template for Microsoft Excel

Hope you enjoy it! I will be posting two other VSM posts over the next few days so you can choose from three of the best Value Stream Mapping tools I have seen on the Internet.

VSM template #2

VSM template #3

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