Supplier Evaluation Scorecard

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Are your vendors letting you down? Are you trying to compare vendors and you don\’t know where to start? Do you continue to get hounded by new vendors wanting your business?

If so, put them up to the task with this customizable 100+ point Supplier Evaluation Scorecard Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet download.

This supplier evaluation form is the result of over two years of research across more than three international companies that have been proven leaders in supply chain management and high velocity manufacturing. We have taken the best of many vendor forms to make this one as complete as you need.

  • Did you just join a new company and find the existing vendor management form to be incomplete or half-ass?
  • Do you need someone on your team to come up with a vendor management form but has no idea where to start?
  • Do you need a quick form that provides a score so you can compare various vendor performance?


With this vendor management form you can :

1. Assess supplier performance in a measurable, quantifiable way

2. Simple drop-down choices to simplify your life (you can type comments too!)

3. Improve interaction between your organization and your suppliers (new or existing)

4. Identifying opportunities for improvement in the supply chain with respect to delivery lead times, pricing, and quality.

You and your team in mind

This scorecard is designed in such a way that it can walk through the supplier selection process across departments or you can simply complete on your own.

You can use this scorecard regularly to track vendor progress, new vendor performance, and even to support vendor disqualification (Yes, Mr. Vendor, we are disqualifying you. Your performance has decreased consistently over the past three quarters).

The scorecard provides evaluations on the following vendor traits:


Materials prices should be the lowest, measured by total cost (PPV, COGS, freight, etc). Suppliers are expected to meet target pricing objectives, work aggressively on price reductions quarter-to-quarter, and to take leadership in total cost reduction programs with respect to materials and labor


Deliveries should be 100% on time, in full quantities, within a timeframe of three days early to zero days late, for all orders. Suppliers’ material lead-times must be stable, regardless of forecast, and must be competitive in the industry. Both delivery and lead-time performance must continuously improve over time.

Quality Performance

Materials must meet specifications and requirements for manufacturing and in all product applications. Containment actions for problems must be implemented urgently and corrective actions must address root causes completely. A formal Quality Management System is preferred.

Support & Responsiveness

Suppliers should provide complete program management of all business issues and to offer technical assistance to resolve product and process concerns and be timely and responsive in all requests.


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Supplier Evaluation Scorecard


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