68 Point Last Minute Camping Checklist

camping checklist

Templatestaff.com has responded to many users requests to post other types of checklists, non sigma or business related. This the first of our original checklists in our new “Life Hacks” category featuring our 68 point last minute camping checklist. Hope you enjoy this and we hope you come back regularly for more.

Obviously, there are experienced campers out there (yeah, those scaling Everest or running the Barklely Marathon) that wouldn\’t take half of the items on this list. But most of us would, given the inherent requirement to travel with our young families.

This list is from my personal vault, and it changes every time I go camping with my boys. Those with daughters will have to clearly hack the checklist to their needs. This is why we\’ve made this download open to every one (no sign-up required) and royalty-free.

We would love to hear back from you in the comments section as to the little needy things you added that we didn\’t.

Happy camping!

Camping Checklist

68 Point Last Minute Camping Checklist

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