March 22, 2018

Six Sigma Score – Another Design Scorecard

July 8, 2013

Design Scorecard Folks, here is another design scorecard worksheet in Microsoft Excel.  The worksheet available for download has already been completed with new scooter design example taking into consideration the key product features (must be lightweight yet […]

Six Sigma Morphological Matrix

June 20, 2013

Six Sigma Morphological Matrix Get your features locked and avoid feature creep with this template. Break down the category features (by color) then drill down specific features. Columns A, B, C, D can be changed […]

DFA DFM Analysis Worksheet for Microsoft Excel

June 16, 2013

Six Sigma DFA DFM Analysis Please download the DFA DFM Analysis worksheet (Design For Assembly/Design for Manufacturing) worksheet before going to production with any new prototype. The purpose is to get the design team and […]

Quality Function Deployment QFD Examples

June 16, 2013

Folks, we published the Quality Function Deployment some time ago.  Please find attached two Quality Function Deployment (QFD) examples for a car and a pen.     What is Quality Function Deployment? QFD is a […]

Six Sigma In Out Scope Matrix

June 16, 2013

Six Sigma In Out Scope Matrix Don’t let scope creep freak you out. Keep it in control with this simple to use tool that any cross-functional team can complete without arguing for hours on end. […]

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA

June 15, 2013

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA If you don’t have minitab, no problem. Microsoft Excel does provide powerful statistical analysis. Try this tool to get a simple regression sum ANOVA.  While it’s not as complete […]

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