March 22, 2018

Introduction to Equal Variance Assumption

January 12, 2016

Use of Equal Variance Assumption with ANOVA The equal variance assumption is important in statistics because it applies to two of the most widely used tools, the two-sample t-test, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Both […]

MSA Attribute Gage R&R Study in Microsoft Excel

August 5, 2013

It had been some time since I posted another truly powerful Six Sigma too, MSA Attribute Gage R&R Study. While Minitab offers very effective Measurement System Analysis (MSA) tools for both attribute and statistical types […]

Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC Tools Update

July 19, 2013

You may have noticed that has been completely revamped and has had many Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC tools added.  While these are not pure Six Sigma software downloads, they are in most cases […]

Microsoft Excel Six Sigma Simulation Table

July 3, 2013

Six Sigma Simulation Table   The Six Sigma Simulation Table highlights dynamic errors.  With 5 X inputs, the table highlights the  population mean, the shift vector, as well as the expected shift (Z value).  The […]

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA

June 15, 2013

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA If you don’t have minitab, no problem. Microsoft Excel does provide powerful statistical analysis. Try this tool to get a simple regression sum ANOVA.  While it’s not as complete […]

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