Operational Excellence Examples in Action

Not spending $1000 on a $100 problem, paying invoices on time, delivering products at the deadline, keeping project costs on budget, coming to work on time, not calling in sick, are not examples of Operational Excellence.  These are just examples of your job and what you’re expected of any given day. Sometimes, we need to […]

Business Process Excellence vs Operational Excellence

In doing research on the topic of operational excellence and what future trends hold, I couldn’t help but notice what some of the closely related search trends were.  Business Process Management or BPM appears to be gaining traction over operational excellence (#opex).  I thought I would try business process excellence vs operational excellence. Fifteen years […]

4 Ways to Improve Benchmarking Performance

In every Operational Excellence endeavor, benchmarking performance plays the critical role of indicating whether the continuous improvement activities are successful. Benchmarking is the search for best practices, the ones that will lead to superior performance.  Benchmarking is the setting of a performance standard, whether for manufacturing, SEO campaigns, call-center performance, and so on. Establishing operating […]

Business Process Management Policies Nobody is Talking About!

It is great that an organization\’s management committee commits to a new Business Process Management (BPM) policy woven into their Operational Excellence directives.  However, in conducting due diligence verification, I\’ve come to notice that following topics or lack of is common.  Here\’s a breather on some of the business critical policies not included in many operational […]