Excel Download – Six Sigma Calculator to Make a Black Belt’s Life Easier

Screen Shot 2020 06 14 at 7.25.33 AM
Screen Shot 2020 06 14 at 7.25.33 AM

Six Sigma Calculator

Six Sigma Calculator in Microsoft Excel

Our latest Microsoft Excel tool is a Six Sigma Calculator. This spreadsheet demonstrates the necessary effort to improvement at different sigma levels at increments of 0.5 sigma (up to 4.5 sigma). This is a great teaching tool for beginners in that the cells are well defined for each opportunity and highlights the DPU (Defects per Unit) and even allows the user to enter a dollar amount in order to estimate savings or lost costs.

Six Sigma Calculator

Why the Six Sigma Belts System?

Six Sigma SIPOC – Supplier Input Process Output Customer – Excel Download

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