Six Sigma Project Report Template – PowerPoint Download

DMAIC Six Sigma Project Report Template If you need a one-page, one-slide report summary for your DMAIC six sigma project report, try this simple, clean PowerPoint template.  It tracks project scope, financials, deadlines, financials, and overall project health.  The file can be downloaded for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.  Why waste your time in designing a new template […]

Six Sigma Simulation Table – Excel Download

Six Sigma Simulation Table   The Six Sigma Simulation Table highlights dynamic errors.  With 5 X inputs, the table highlights the  population mean, the shift vector, as well as the expected shift (Z value).  The table is very easy to use and has been saved in Microsoft Excel 2003 format for ease of compatibility in […]

Value Stream Map Template for Microsoft Excel

Since this post appeared more than four years ago, the Value Stream Map continues to be read and the templates continue (there are three templates by the way, see links below) to be downloaded on an almost daily basis.  In the past four years, much as happened with regards to the manufacturing sector and the […]

Lean Six Sigma Project Examples Coming Soon

Lean Six Sigma Project Examples Coming Soon Whether your company boasts a robust Total Quality Management (TQM) program or whether your company has a team of at least one Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to be proud of, one of the challenges in Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is getting the candidate to truly understand […]

Try this Fishbone Analysis (Ishikawa Diagram) for Excel

Fishbone Analysis for Excel Any DMAIC Six Sigma Project must have a fishbone analysis completed in the Define phase.  Originally called the Ishikawa diagram, the fishbone is an excellent team-building exercise to get other teams or departments to sit down and agree to the contributors (x\’s) to the problem or outcome at hand (y). Once […]

Six Sigma Self-Assessment – Quality Stage Assessment – Excel Download

This week’s update is a Six Sigma Self-Assessment – Quality Stage Assessment.  This Microsoft Excel tool will help you poll the team for their input as to what they feel they would score if you performed a Voice of the Customer survey. The tool is broken down into two tabs:  Qualities and Mistakes.  The self-assessment […]

Excel Download – Who Needs Minitab When You Can Determine Confidence Intervals

Confidence Intervals in Excel Who needs Minitab when when you can determine Confidence Intervals in Excel? This simple worksheet allows you to determine an Alpha level and input variables such as the sample size; the worksheet will provide the sampled Capability.  Additionally, there is a Proportions space where you can enter the number of trials […]

Corrective Action Template for Microsoft Excel

Corrective Action Template for Microsoft Excel Today\’s free template is an ISO 9001 based Corrective Action Form for Microsoft Excel.  A key to true managing supplier quality is the customer complaint mechanism called upon in ISO 9001. This template is ready to use and includes fields for: Description of the problem Originator\’s details and contact information Detailed […]

Kaizen Continuous Improvement Checklist for Microsoft Excel

Kaizen Continuous Improvement Checklist for Microsoft Excel Folks, today\’s update is the long awaited Kaizen Continuous Improvement Checklist for Microsoft Excel.  As many lean practitioners and black belts know, Kaizen is a rough Japanese translation for \”continuous improvement\” or \”to continuously improve\”. This template is ready for use, however, you can change it or adapt […]

VSM Template for Microsoft Excel

Here is a the third version of the widely used VSM Template for Microsoft Excel.   The Value Stream Mapping technique serves to help identify the current process state, the time it takes to execute each process step and whether it is truly business value added (or whether it is really not necessary).  One of […]