Another Pugh Matrix Template for Microsoft Excel

Another Pugh Matrix Template for Microsoft Excel I felt the need to add a second Pugh Matrix Template as an example.  This file comes with a blank template as well as a completed matrix for a home burglar system concept selection.  Pugh Matrices are superbly crafted tools for team-building and consensus finding.  The team sits […]

Six Sigma Change Plot Template – Excel Download

Six Sigma Change Plot The change plot tool is an interesting tool to use at different stages of the project. Some projects require much interaction between teams and departments and as many of you know, some strong characters and personalities can get in the way. This tool is to be used by the project champion […]

Pugh Matrix Template – Excel Download

The Pugh Matrix One of the most powerful and effective tools for selecting the best tool or product to purchase is the Pugh Selection Matrix.  The Pugh Matrix helps establish the criteria that are important to you and your team.  Purchase decisions don’t have to be based on the cheapest solution nor do you have […]

Multi Generational Planning – Multigen Plan Template

Multigen Plan Template Multi-generational planning is key with innovative companies such as Apple and Microsoft.  Think of multi-gen planning as a first-pass at your product road map.  At that, feel free to bastardize or do anything you want to our multigen plan template. Multi-gen planning is a very useful  and effective planning tool in the […]

Excel Download – Six Sigma Calculator to Make a Black Belt\’s Life Easier

Six Sigma Calculator in Microsoft Excel Our latest Microsoft Excel tool is a Six Sigma Calculator.  This spreadsheet demonstrates the necessary effort to improvement at different sigma levels at increments of 0.5 sigma (up to 4.5 sigma).  This is a great teaching tool for beginners in that the cells are well defined for each opportunity […]

Ensure High Quality Software with this Software Testing Excel Download

Ensure High Quality Software with this Software Quality Testing Matrix. Hopefully, all of you will have realized that to ensure high quality software, you need a robust software testing plan.  Whether you you are using HP\’s Quality Center Software or you are just winging it, you need some type of test plan to ensure you […]

Reasons Six Sigma Projects Fail – Is it Really Worth the Hassle?

Reasons Six Sigma Projects Fail Below are some of the reasons Six Sigma projects fail.  While Six Sigma offers a widely varied tool-box to help promote operational excellence, it does little to include corporate culture or exploit innovation. Cost savings vs Lost Revenue Another one of the many reasons Six Sigma projects fail is that […]

Six Sigma Score – Another Design Scorecard

Design Scorecard Folks, here is another design scorecard worksheet in Microsoft Excel.  The worksheet available for download has already been completed with new scooter design example taking into consideration the key product features (must be lightweight yet strong, foldable, quiet operation, no grease, etc) to the additional technical specifications (max. weight, overall dimensions, carrying load, motor and […]

Introduction to Six Sigma Measurement System Analysis

I thought it was time to break out a little update on Measurement System Analysis (MSA for short) for those of you just learning it.  I can fully understand how frustrating this is because MSA is one of the toughest topics for both green belts and black belts in the Six Sigma curriculum.  For black belts, […]

Product Test Report Template in Microsoft Word

  Product Test Report Template Do you need a concise product test report template cover page?  This Microsoft Word template provides just that.  Identify the product under test, the test requirements, documentation references, and of course, the test results on this simple to use, editable template. Whether you need to qualify a prototype product or […]