January 22, 2018

DFA DFM Analysis Worksheet for Microsoft Excel

June 16, 2013

Six Sigma DFA DFM Analysis Please download the DFA DFM Analysis worksheet (Design For Assembly/Design for Manufacturing) worksheet before going to production with any new prototype. The purpose is to get the design team and […]

Quality Function Deployment QFD Examples

June 16, 2013

Folks, we published the Quality Function Deployment some time ago.  Please find attached two Quality Function Deployment (QFD) examples for a car and a pen.     What is Quality Function Deployment? QFD is a […]

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA

June 15, 2013

Six Sigma Regression Sum – ANOVA If you don’t have minitab, no problem. Microsoft Excel does provide powerful statistical analysis. Try this tool to get a simple regression sum ANOVA.  While it’s not as complete […]

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