January 22, 2018

Six Sigma Score – Another Design Scorecard

July 8, 2013

Design Scorecard Folks, here is another design scorecard worksheet in Microsoft Excel.  The worksheet available for download has already been completed with new scooter design example taking into consideration the key product features (must be lightweight yet […]

Product Test Report Template in Microsoft Word

June 23, 2013

  Product Test Report Template Do you need a concise product test report template cover page?  This Microsoft Word template provides just that.  Identify the product under test, the test requirements, documentation references, and of […]

Six Sigma Morphological Matrix

June 20, 2013

Six Sigma Morphological Matrix Get your features locked and avoid feature creep with this template. Break down the category features (by color) then drill down specific features. Columns A, B, C, D can be changed […]

Design for Six Sigma Illustrated

February 24, 2013

Couldn’t better sum up the DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) approach better than this image. I don’t know where it comes from so please do not think it is to my credit. If anyone can […]

Six Sigma Audit Checklist for Microsoft Excel

February 23, 2013

Six Sigma Audit Checklist Six Sigma is about data.  Nothing new about that.  One of the challenges I always come across is when I come across bad data.  Many people think that collecting data for […]

Six Sigma Design Concepts Matrix Tool

February 23, 2013

Six Sigma Design Concepts Before we talk about Six Sigma design concepts, here’s the latest update.  I’ve been asked lately about how to download the files.  At the bottom of every post, there should be […]