Six Sigma Project Kit

Free Six Sigma Starter Kit

37 tab Excel Download

Six Sigma Project Pack

In all my years as a Six Sigma Black Belt, I’ve never come across such a complete Excel file.  This spreadsheet has 37 tabs in it.  This is more than the number of Excel files I’ve seen in some projects!  I came across this file over the years but I wished I knew who completed it! To me, this is the quintessential Six Sigma starter kit, and it\’s free!

  • Breakthrough Strategy
  • Six Sigma Project Plan
  • Project Action Plan
  • CTQ Template (Critical to Quality)
  • SIPOC (blank)
  • Process Analysis
  • Fishbone
  • Brainstorm
  • Functional Deployment Matrix
  • Risk Assessment
  • Solution Evaluation Form
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Xs and Ys
  • Timeline
  • DOE 22 Factorial
  • DOE 23 Factorial
  • PPM
  • Sigma Level (no shift)
  • RTY (Rolled Throughput Yield)
  • DPMO Calculator (Defects Per Million Opportunities)
  • DPMO to Sigma to Cpk
  • Six Sigma Project
  • GC Plan
  • HOQ (Houses of Quality)
  • C&E Matrix (Cause & Effect)
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • FSeverity
  • FOccurrence
  • FDetection
  • Control Plan
  • Process Control Plan
  • Six Sigma Preventive Maintenance
  • Outputs
  • DFMEA Template
  • Z-Table

Download the [Download not found] here