January 22, 2018

Six Sigma Audit Checklist for Microsoft Excel

February 23, 2013

Six Sigma Audit Checklist Six Sigma is about data.  Nothing new about that.  One of the challenges I always come across is when I come across bad data.  Many people think that collecting data for […]

Six Sigma Control Plan Template Tracking

June 19, 2012

Folks, a lean manufacturer without a control plan is like an aircraft without a pilot.  Also known as a Preventive Maintenance Plan, the six sigma control plan is the quintessential tool for keeping control of […]

Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Plan

June 2, 2012

Try our Lean Manufacturing Plan for Free! What’s the plan?  Who’s in charge?  This multi-tabbed Six Sigma Excel spreadsheet helps managers and Six Sigma Black Belts alike score their current “as-is” production environment and help […]