March 22, 2018

Project Management Checklist in Microsoft Excel

June 3, 2012

Try our Beefed Up Project Management Checklist Now! If you need something more complete than our Toll Gate Check Sheet, try using our multi-tabbed  Project Management Checklist Excel spreadsheet Six Sigma Toll Gate Checklist   […]

Microsoft Excel Ready Six Sigma Z Table

June 3, 2012

Need a quick look up table Six Sigma Z table?  Don’t have access to a statistics textbook (where you can usually find such tables on the inner covers).  When looking up the Z value do […]

Vendor Evaluation Form – Supplier Scorecard

June 3, 2012

The Ultimate Vendor Evaluation Form and Supplier Scorecard Our Six Sigma Vendor Evaluation Form/Supplier Scorecard template is ready to go and easy to customize for your organization’s needs.  The scoring system is a simple Likert-based […]

Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Plan

June 2, 2012

Try our Lean Manufacturing Plan for Free! What’s the plan?  Who’s in charge?  This multi-tabbed Six Sigma Excel spreadsheet helps managers and Six Sigma Black Belts alike score their current “as-is” production environment and help […]

Microsoft Excel Ready Lean Manufacturing Assessment

June 2, 2012

Everybody loves to complete self-assessments but how about a Lean Manufacturing Assessment.  If not for the actual value of scoring your lean manufacturing operations, at least for the fun and pleasure in using automated Excel […]

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