July 28, 2017

Project Management Checklist in Microsoft Excel

June 3, 2012 0

Try our Beefed Up Project Management Checklist Now! If you need something more complete than our Toll Gate Check Sheet, try using our multi-tabbed  Project Management Checklist Excel spreadsheet Six Sigma Toll Gate Checklist   […]

Microsoft Excel Ready Six Sigma Z Table

June 3, 2012 0

Need a quick look up table Six Sigma Z table?  Don’t have access to a statistics textbook (where you can usually find such tables on the inner covers).  When looking up the Z value do […]

Vendor Evaluation Form – Supplier Scorecard

June 3, 2012 0

The Ultimate Vendor Evaluation Form and Supplier Scorecard Our Six Sigma Vendor Evaluation Form/Supplier Scorecard template is ready to go and easy to customize for your organization’s needs.  The scoring system is a simple Likert-based […]

Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Plan

June 2, 2012 3

Try our Lean Manufacturing Plan for Free! What’s the plan?  Who’s in charge?  This multi-tabbed Six Sigma Excel spreadsheet helps managers and Six Sigma Black Belts alike score their current “as-is” production environment and help […]

Microsoft Excel Ready Lean Manufacturing Assessment

June 2, 2012 1

Everybody loves to complete self-assessments but how about a Lean Manufacturing Assessment.  If not for the actual value of scoring your lean manufacturing operations, at least for the fun and pleasure in using automated Excel […]

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